If nobody finds your texts, nobody reads them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) summarizes various methods and techniques that help a website to be shown particularly high by search engines.

Unlike other jobs, SEO is a continuous process. Google and other search engines are constantly fine-tuning their algorithms, so it is important that you maintain the content of your website continuously.

The main criteria for good SEO


Unique web content

Do not copy text and images from other sites.


SEO is more than just text. For example, Websites that are not responsive are penalized. Accessibility is also important.

External and internal links to your site

The better linked, the more relevant Google classifies them.

Your direction

Whether you are a global company or in the local market also plays a role. Good SEO is individual.

our range

We create a strategy for you first. This includes clearly defined measurable goals. This could be, for example, ad impressions (showing your website on Google) or clicks on a landing page.
Then we optimize all of the content on your website, making it not only search engine-friendly but also user-friendly.

We can do everything – on all digital channels.