The analysis provides data.
We evaluations.
Data analysis is not an exact science. A lot of data can be measured, but which are relevant and what do they mean? That is why both are needed today: Targeted tracking and clever minds who can interpret data.

We can help you answer the following questions:

How do users behave on my website?

Which weak points are worth optimizing?

Do I achieve my marketing goals effectively and efficiently?

What are my competitors doing better than me?

We have developed our own tool DPR Analytics Which we can adapt to your needs. It provides you with all the important online key figures and makes it much easier for you to check the success of your campaign.

Our analytics offer includes the following services:


Analysis of website usage and user behavior


Improvement of navigation, usability, content and design


Customer acquisition and customer loyalty


Search engine advertising (SEA)


Definition and adjustment of web goals


Search engine optimization (SEO)


Optimization of all digital marketing measures


Conversion optimization

We can do everything – on all digital channels.