Do you really want to know what 50% of your advertising is wasted money?
Tired of constantly matching Google Analytics with your marketing tools and your sales team’s CRM? Tired of constantly checking campaign numbers for their susceptibility to errors?

DPR Analytics can do much more. With our software, you can integrate all relevant source data. No matter whether budget expenditure for offline campaigns, weather data or shop visits: Create analyzes and forecasts for future events.

We also. That is why we launched DPR Analytics.

Because there was no software that brought all the relevant data together, we wrote it ourselves. The effort that we had to do it pays off.

Since then we have been investing advertising money much more successfully. We also save a lot of time in the evaluation.

What DPR Analytics can do:


Aggregate, structure, map and match data

What was previously tediously done manually is now automated and error-free.


Replace trust with control

Not every player in the digital advertising market is in your best interest. Some agencies book where the kickbacks are greatest; in addition, clicks are not purchases. Thanks to us, you can monitor campaigns from A to Z and conclusively assess their success.


Predictive Analytics

DPR Analytics learns from historical data and can create forecasts for your future campaigns before you have invested your budget.


Exclude errors

Up to 10% discrepancy between source data and ad servers is accepted on the market. Not from us. At DPR Solutions, the difference across countless tests was just 0,000135%.

Do you want to be measurably successful too?

You can recoup the costs you spend on our software by saving on your future campaigns.

Our pricing model is transparent and fair. You pay a monthly license fee per user.

Would you like to evaluate your campaigns manually and with several tools?

If not, we would be happy to demonstrate DPR Analytics to you on-site – free of charge and without obligation, of course.

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